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you know what kind of podcasts you like but struggle to find similar shows.

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florence and the machine, florence welch, dance fever, music florence and the machine

Florence + The Machine

3 podcast episodes about Florence + The Machine band, their music and new release "Dance Fever".

bullshit jobs, david graeber, work culture, anti-work movement

Live to work or Work to live?

3 podcast episodes that question the work culture we created for ourselves. Are we lazy or burnt out and unhappy?

social media, instagram, tiktok, podcasts about influencers, influencer culture, quitting social media

Digital culture

3 podcast episodes that are talking about the Tik tokization of Instagram, the rise and fall of online influencers and how fatigued we all from social media.

dune podcast, dune book, dune frank harbert, dune deni villeneuve, paul, gom jabbar


3 podcast episodes that will help you to immerse into the rich world of Arrakis and learn more about the books and the fresh adaptation by Deni Villeneuve.

jane austen, netflix, persuasion, netflix adaptation, jane austen persuation adaptation

Persuasion (2022) by Netflix

3 podcast episodes about the recent adaptation of Jane Austen's last book.

recycling, plastic, podcast about recycling, podcast about climate change


3 episodes that talk about the processes and science around waste recycling. Is it actually working or is it BS?

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