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Not boring podcast player

We help you find the perfect episode, that will make you fall in love with the podcast. Follow topics, people and your vibes.

Let's vibe ✨

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Not boring playlists

Is "Keanu Reeves career" your topic of choice? Kradl will make you automatic playlists based on the people you're interested in and niche topic.

Never too long, or too short

Want to get a snappy digest? Or have 2 hours to dig deep into the rabbit hole? Pick and choose episodes based on how much free time you have.

Discover by vibe not category

"Funny finance" or "comedic The Batman review" episodes is a search you can do. On Kradl you can discover podcast episodes based on the vibe, not the category.

Kradl goes live in early June 2022

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Thank you for subscribing!

Who's behind this?

Small team from Lithuania and Poland making waves.

Co-Founder & CTO

Does coding magic. Talks to the customers. Also some boring server and budgeting stuff, you know. Part time ambient music creator and drummer.

Co-Founder & CEO

Builds the community. Talks to customers. Also some boring marketing and budgeting stuff, you know. Full time creator for 2 years.

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